Monday, July 27, 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Berkeley 1971

My son Kyle just turned 23. I thought about where and what I was at 23. Struggled to do the mental math with my early morning pre-caffine sluggish 61 year old brain and came up with 1971.

I did a search or two on Google to zero in on what I was doing and and where. 

Hence the link to Berkeley in 1971.

The keywords are sloppy but effective: 1971 berkeley telegraph avenue history

I stumbled upon a Google Timeline search feature that was new to me.

Talk about combining the 2009 nerd with the memories of a 23 year old young man richocheting around the visual circus of Telegraph Avenue.

Scanning the snippets of articles about that time in the Bay Area triggers my memory nodes and gives me a brain buzz.

(Or is it just the coffee, and the desire not to start work that's sent me to Tube City?)