Tuesday, September 27, 2011

logan connor lawrence july 25, 2011

first grandson:  a continual series of occasions for hope

mindful morning September 27, 2011

fuzzy and frustrated

no way to live a morning as special as this

outside the sky is one to envy

all the growing things are working well

The cats stagger and slink always in the moment

I tell Jan how Mr. Mike stood on my chest, and stared me awake with one paw firmly planted on my chin

fresh squeezed lemonaide made with San Marcos lemons and aged in the refrigerator for a week

discovering how to properly slice round seedless, mutant but delicious watermelon into shapes of proper thickness, then plate the melon with a touch of focus and surprise

I'd left last night's chicken out and on the stove top

no cat gnaws

still I sliced feathermeat thin and delivered it for the cat's consideration

this morning I faced a sloppy kitchen filled with depression possibilities

Now I'm simply mindful of another beautiful morning where most of it is going my way

enjoy it while you have it
enjoy it while you have it
enjoy it as it changes and slips away