Friday, December 08, 2006

Automatic Writing

Insect thin grey wings wiggles black body
on my arm hair.
Thin crescent moon at noon.

Bird chirp
Flea foot on note paper
Water rumble
Nervous foot
Water bubble

Bird whistle

Mumble of kids
Brett stands on a log
Smiling Happy Boy
Rough wood on the bike bridge
Ben slaps him down now.

Skin heats under sun
Brittle pine needles
Bamboo reed like packed straw
Fingers tingle in cold water
Scrape of branches on my skull, shoes, soul?

Like chicken feet in the sand
Patterns in the stream bottom

On a wooden bridge
(Lorena shows us the moon crescent in the sky)

Birds find a way
At every sunlit moment
To whistle their lives
A fly buzzes me
Ah, So how does your skin feel?
Tangles in your hair

Lorena & Ingrid tease the whispering creek
With muddy shoes
& smile

Chatter bird
Water riffle
Sniffle of weeping bird

Squirrel whistle
Trees sign a breathing hum

Tall tree, fire hole of sun in clouds
a Butter fly
Shadows the blue
Pine needle pom-poms
Shot with light.

3 dogs, splash and drink from the stream-

I’m dog thirsty and ready to shake

Wet grit of stream caught
Pine needles

I haven’t spent enough time just sitting in the woods

Waiting for God
In the breezes & squalls

To make my presence
Known to

Enjoy a moment

When the temptations
Are at bay

And the sweet Brief

Idea of poetry can
Be had...

Old grey

Fat man now

More memories than dew

drops on a bare branch.

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