Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tending the Trees I Plant

Woke thinking a good night, this cold is on the run.

Saw from my study window the pepper tree I planted with my son on Christmas day.

It was leaning forlornly against a boulder.  The wind had upset the roots.

Tree work in a weakened state got me sweating and feeling old.

Stood the tree.
Stomped the ground.
Soaked the roots too much and made a mush of things.

Shoved more soil on the base of the tree and mashed down my big booted feet into the muck.

If a good wind comes over the tree will go again.
I'll attend it.

I want it to grow.
I want it strong and healthy, part of a big family of peppers, ready for us to celebrate next Christmas.

Still the tree died before spring

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