Monday, March 04, 2013

cut banks of memory

forgotten spring

a forest pool

a huge trout

in the cut bank


balanced in the current

waiting for a meal

I belly crawl

earning a glimpse

huge humped green back

golden speckled sides

I've forgotten where the hidden pool is

and only find it

when minnow-flicker


swept down stream

briefly swim

then swallowed

by the beast

from under the ledge.

Take 2

time crushed granite

a golden pebble bed

current raked

the elbow of the stream.

cut bank

time and water carved

where the current pushes

against hidden stone

an old trout

ready for the wet mayfly

or fingerling trespasser

solo backpacking

I caught a glimpse of a mythic fish

each year I returned


to spy grandpa trout

a century later he lingers

in the cut banks of memory

I've forgotten the range

I've forgotten the trail

but I remember the cut bank trout


waiting for a meal

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