Saturday, June 11, 2016

Erin- so many belated birth days

Thinking about my daughter Erin. She'll always be my little girl, even though today she is young, vibrant, intelligent and very loving woman. I'm so proud of you Erin.

I remember you sleeping in your flannel pj's with Oliver the cat purring in the warmth.  This picture feels like a Tahoe Christmas.

 In the front room at the Upper Truckee house. I think that little umbrella was still around when we finally moved back in 2006. 

The father daughter dance at your school got us both dressed up. Can you remember us standing on the back deck at Tahoe? 

Here we are with your great grandmother Lillian Hillinck.  We all called her Honey. Do you remember Honey? She loved you so.

My soccer girl.  How many games do you think you played over the years? Some of the best memories of my life happened on those side lines watching you run and play. 

There were some golden moments connected with soccer (there still are). 

Maui in 2005 with Kyle. That summer before you were off to school was special.  I like remembering the sun and the water and the smiles on your faces. 

You are so beautiful. 

I'm a lucky man. 
Happy birthday Erin.

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